I.General introduction

The site is located at No.89 Jiangang Road, Haicang District, Xiamen City. Including 20,000 square meters of the open-air logistics operation site, 3,000 square meters of canopy and 10,000 square meters of standard warehouse, the yard covers an area of about 70,000 square meters. It has perfect supporting facilities and equipment, providing 24-hour loading and unloading service and online information inquiry of goods, and mainly operating various export goods including stone, clothing, shoes and hats, electrical appliances, ceramic products and toys.

II.Main business operations

1.Export yard loading business

We provide comprehensive logistics services for import and export trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises and all kinds of logistics suppliers, such as cargo handling, storage, container transportation and supporting value-added operations. 60 special container trailers can provide 24-hour empty and heavy container evacuation service for customers, with transparent operation process and guaranteed service quality.

2.Export warehousing business

For the majority of import and export trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises and various logistics suppliers, we provide comprehensive logistics services such as cargo handling, unpacking, container transportation, warehousing and value-added operation in the warehouse. We have professional logistics distribution management system, which is efficient and intensive.

3.Export assembly business

Haitou Logistics Export Supervision Warehouse became the first public warehouse with the qualification of public export supervision warehouse in Haicang after being successfully approved on June 13, 2016. It provides customers with "one-stop" export consolidation services such as customs clearance, on-site inspection, sorting and palletizing, reorganization and assembling, and customized personalized packing solutions equipped with 10,000 square meters of open space and 5,700 square meters of single-storey platform warehouse. Standardized operation can effectively improve container loading rate, which can reduce unloading rate and avoid the risk of mixed loading of goods.