I. General introduction

Located in Xiamen Haicang Port Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Haicang Bonded Logistics Warehouse covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, with a number of standard steel structure and multilayer reinforced concrete structure bonded public warehouse, warehouse area of 20,000 square meters, with five different models of special vehicles under customs bonded supervision, the industry's senior professional team, according to the different needs of customers, to provide all kinds of specialized bonded program design, bonded logistics and We have rich experience in customs clearance and many successful cases, especially in bonded transit consolidation, bonded import of bulk goods, international procurement and distribution of agricultural and sideline products.

II. Main business operations

1.  International procurement and distribution of business

We provide professional services for the collection and distribution of raw materials or finished products for international procurement/sale, and realize a series of operations such as warehousing, processing and delivery through our bonded logistics warehouse. We allow customers to realize the tax refund upon entry into the district and revitalize their capital while reducing their own warehouse resource occupation. Flow-through processing can effectively reduce high processing costs for customers at foreign destinations.

2.  "One-day bonded travel" business

The bonded "one-day" business, commonly known as export re-import, makes full use of the "tax rebate in the zone" policy to "export first, then import", which not only solves the problems of deep processing for customers, such as complicated carry-over procedures and non-refund of the value-added part of deep processing. It not only solves the complicated and cumbersome carry-over procedures, and the problem of not refunding the value-added part of deep processing, but also realizes the transaction between buyers and sellers in foreign currency.

3. Airlift through platform

Providing direct air transport business support for enterprises in the Comprehensive Insurance Zone, only one air transport remote warehouse is located in Haicang Port Comprehensive Insurance Zone.

4. Supervised vehicle transportation service

We have vehicles that conform to customs regulated transportation and can handle the transportation of regulated cargo in different customs zones quickly, safely and efficiently.