With the experience of long-term cooperation with world-famous shipping companies, we continue to provide high-quality yard services to customers with advanced operation equipment and management software, and insist on providing customers with all kinds of value-added and other comprehensive logistics services with the core of the whole life cycle service of containers.

Dry container management

l  Stockpiling service

Covering an area of 180,000 square meters, the yard has a capacity of 45000TEU (20-foot TEU). The company fully implements handheld terminal and mechanical terminal operation to realize efficient information transmission without paper and intercom in each link. The container can be positioned and managed in real time, in an orderly, efficient and accurate manner, and equipped with a comprehensive cell phone monitoring system to monitor the interior of the yard 24 hours a day.

l  Maintenance service

The maintenance area covers 10,000 square meters, among which the repair shed covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The daily box repair capacity is more than 400 containers, to ensure that the company provides box repair services for customers in all weathers and to ensure customers' needs for boxes. Equipped with advanced equipment and facilities for inspection and maintenance of various boxes and perfect information management system, we have IICL's international container inspector, a group of excellent professional inspection and repair talents and excellent management team, providing professional container maintenance services.

l  Fitness inspection and trade services

Counter inspection service

It is located in Xiamen Port, providing export container suitability inspection services for various shipping companies, meeting the requirements of Customs for export container suitability inspection and ensuring the requirements of container users in the export customs clearance process. 

Sales of containers and accessories

Relying on the strong resource advantage of CIMC, there are sufficient box sources and accessories, saving intermediate links and high cost performance.

Special containers 

l  Maintenance service

We have a constant-temperature workshop of 180m2 and advanced maintenance equipment for reefer container. There are 50 sockets in PTI area which can provide 24 hours power supply for reefer containers. Providing professional cold box wharf monitoring, wharf and ship emergency repair services, it is equipped with professional cold box technical team.

l  Cleaning service

Equipped with professional software and hardware facilities and professional talents, it is the largest professional tank cleaning service company in Fujian Province, providing professional cleaning services.