I. Haicang Food and Agriculture Product Inspection Site

It was gained acceptance by former CIQ in October, 2013 and was designated as supporting Customs Inspection area for imported food at Haicang Port. In this inspection site there are dedicated warehouse & open-air inspection area respectively, as well as various professional equipment such as sieving, filling, grain absorption, spilling and leakage prevention, etc. We could provide rapid & comprehensive service for inspection of imported container of food & agricultural products at Haicang Port.

II. Haicang Multimodal Transport Supervision Center

Approved to be established on August 12, 2019, Haicang Multimodal Transport Supervision Center is the first multimodal transport supervision center in Xiamen.It is the Import & export Cargo distribution center for China-Europe (Xiamen) Freight train constructed by Administrator of Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone.It could prov ide service for Cus toms Clearance after arrival, Customs inspection, Supervision for transit, and reach seamless supervision of Ocean-Railway transportation, especially for imported goods, they could be declared to Customs at Xiamen.

As the operation & management Party of this supervision center, Haitou Logistics which is the first one-stop local logistics service provider for China-Europe & Central Asia freight trains in Fujian Province, provide one- stop local logistics service for Xiamen international freight trains, including container inspection, transportation, Customs transfer, railway freight schedule maintenance, railway tickets & certificates handling and Ocean-railway transportation operation, etc.

III. Haitou Logistics Comprehensive Supervision Field

It was approved to be established on Oct 8th,2019 covering an area of 25,000 square meters with A three-story office building & a warehouse of 1,200 square meters, is equipped with 2 reach stackers, 1 Radiographic detector, 2 weighbridges, 8 forklifts, etc. it's designed operation capacity is 50,000 TEUs/year. We specialize in customs inspection supporting service for imported timber, stone and other bulk cargoes, as well as logistics supervision services including Customs transfer against railway transportation, import & export LCL logistics.

IV. Haitou Logistics LCL Supervision Site 

Passed the acceptance of Xiamen Customs on Oct 9th, 2020, Haitou Logistics Dismantling LCL Warehouse is the first public warehouse with import unpacking qualification in Haicang. Equipped with professional information system and complete loading and unloading equipment. The whole field is closed bayonet management, achieving full coverage of closed circuit monitoring system, and customs computer data networking. With single-ticket customs declaration, single-ticket delivery and on-site inspection, we provide high-efficiency and low-cost business services such as unpacking and distribution of imported goods, warehousing and storage, etc., to meet the requirements of customs supervision of goods and at the same time, to give customers peace of mind and satisfactory service experience.